Q : Why I need a non banking finance company like Chintamani?

Answer: You need Chintamani because:

• Chintamani gives you a loan as per your need. Compare to others, who will issue a minimum loan of 1 lakh rupees whereas you need only   Rs. 35000 to address a current problem. Therefore, excess amount becomes a burden/ a debt for a long period of time.
• Chintamani provides loan for only one year compare to 3-6 years in case of another company. By this tenure, your principal   and interest everything   end up quickly. No hidden cost involved.
• Availability of easy foreclosure and Topup services with no extra charges. No extra time consuming procedure or documentation for these services.

Q : How much can I borrow and for how long?

Answer: You can get loans starting from Rs. 40,000 up to Rs.2, 00, 000 as per your requirement and credentials for a span of one (1) year only.

Q : What all documents are required before loan disbursement?

Answer: We will need the following documents:

• Photograph – 2 colour passport size photograph (Signed across the photograph).
• Income Proof – Last 3 months salary slip.
• Bank Statement - Updated 6months bank statements of salary account.
• Employment Proof – Photocopy of employee ID card and visiting card.
• Identity Proof - Passport / Voter ID Card / Driving License / AdhaarCard. PAN card to be attached separately.
• Address Proof - Passport / Voter ID Card / Driving License / Adhaar Card/ Latest Landline/Mobile Bill / Letter from Employer (with Authorized signatory signature).
• Signature Proof - Banker Verification after loan approval.

Q : How does Chintamani Finlease measure my credit worthiness and how long does this take?

Answer: Each customer applies on the Chintamani Finlease portal will need to go through background verification and the internal credit assessment process. The assessment is based on information collected from various data sources like the application form, credit bureaus, bank statements, pay slips, verification reports, social media, etc. The above process is time bound and fully automated therefore within 2-3 days your loan amount will be disbursed based on approvals.

Q : Does Chintamani Finlease have any internal credit rating?

Answer: Yes, the company follows a robust procedure. This is determined by CIBIL score, banking history and other important factors like distance from our office, the status of current residence, job type, current income, etc.

Q : Can I repay my loan early?

Answer: Yes, you can foreclose your remaining loan amount anytime without any closure charges.

Q : Can I take topup against my previous loan?

Answer: Yes, Chintamani provides topup services after 8 months locking period. During this procedure, you need to provide 6 months bank statements and 3 months payslips only.

Q : Reason of application rejection?

Answer: The reason behind any application rejection is mainly due to the customer’s current credit profile.

Q : What is my repayment schedule?

Answer: Repayment of the loan will happen monthly on an EMI (equated monthly instalment) basis where the amount will be calculated based on amortizing balance. One or two of the instalments might be different which will depend on the timing of the loan.

Q: What happens in the case of a missed payment or non-payment by a borrower?

Answer: If the monthly payment of any EMI is delayed for any reason, a penalty fee and penal interest might be charged by the company. Chintamani suggests all our customer’s not to default in their payment. We planned to create many loyalty programs for our old customers who avoided any defaults or cheque bounce in their past. This is because, the borrower's credit file get impacted which will restrict him / her to get any other credit in the future from any financial institution. The company in an extreme situation is eligible to take any legal action against non payment of the loan amount.

Q: How can I make monthly payments?

Answer: You can pay your EMIs using post dated cheques (PDC), online payment or visit Chintamani’s office and pay by cash.

Q: How will you disburse the loan amount?

Answer: The Company disburse a cheque issued on customer name soon after the loan approval.


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