Why Choose Us

Why you need quick loans:

• Personal emergency
• Festivals advances
• Down payments
• Consumption
• Medical emergency
• Travel plans
• Family marriage plan
• Renovation
• Higher Studies
• To buy electronics & white goods


Last 21+ years, we earned the goodwill, trust and loyalty of our customers. Our areas of focus includes:

  • Fastest services
  • Delivered on Time
  • Trusted relationship
  • No fore closure charges
  • Easy top up after 8 months
  • Honesty, Privacy and Reliability

Advantages of Taking Loan from Our Company:

Particulars MNC Bank Our Company
Tenure 48 Months 12 Months
ITR Required Not Required
Top-up facility Costly & cumbersome Very easy process after only 8 Months
Amortization of Principal Slow Very fast thereby improvement in CIBIL
Documentation Long list of documents required Basic list of documents (mentioned in the website)
Processing A slow process Fast within 2-3 working days
Relationship Professional Personal


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